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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  January 16, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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and, police are linking hima police arrest a man they say is behind a arson spree that had had an entire south broadway community on edge. the massive fire destroyed businesses in the area. >> i'm michelle griego. >> more on what police are calling the serial arsonist in a minute. breaking news from southern
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california. a wildfire northeast of los angeles is threatening dozens of homes prompting thousands of mandatory evacuations. let's go live to begad shaban in glendora where we learned there's an arrest in connection with the fire. >> reporter: hard to imagine but this used to be a home standing behind me. this fire has grown incredibly quickly. about 2,000 people have been evacuated and the fire has scorched about 1,700 acres. fire crews are having a tough time slowing down this fast-moving wildfire that grew to more than 125 acres in just hours. it started on the ridge and quickly burned through homes on the hillside. the fire is now threatening hundreds of other houses just 25 miles outside of downtown los angeles. >> first thing i saw was a huge smoke cloud. >> reporter: pastor adam hicks is praying the fire doesn't reach his church in glendora. the flames are just a few hundred feet away.
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>> i know my members are praying fob the families, many of them are friends. >> reporter: wildfire left this four-bedroom home a pile of ash. the car in the driveway is almost entirely melted on the inside. and now the tires look like pieces of string. helicopters are dropping water to try to keep the flames from spreading but blowing embers continue to create new hotspots. authorities are ordering neighbors to evacuate. larry decided to stay as long as he can. >> we got the pictures out. that's the important thing. we got quite a few years of memory here. >> reporter: some schools in the area are shut down as crews try to get the fire under control. more than 800 homes are now in the evacuation area, michelle. and the fire keeps growing. >> bigad, we understand three people are in custody. are they being blamed for starting this? >> reporter: yeah, police
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officials here tell us one of the individuals actually admitted to starting the fire. he told police they were all gathered around a campfire that got out of control, when the winds shifted. >> thank you. as for more on the extreme fire danger in southern californialet go to lawrence. >> usually we've got rain and that helps to make it so the fires don't happen this. year is an exception. one of the driest years on record in southern california. red flag warning continue to be posted. checking observations there, getting nearly 50 mile-per-hour gusts in some of the areas, malibu hills, also seeing 47 mile-per-hour winds. red flag warnings are up until 6:00 in the evening on friday. humidity levels there less than 20%. just like in the bay area everything is very dry. there is some hope. it looks like high pressure begins to weaken somewhat as that ridge starts to slide a little further east. locks like we'll begin to pick up more of a sea breeze. that should help to cool the temperatures down.
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hopefully raise the humidities as we head into the weekend. back to you. the last few hours some new information about the man police believe set a series of fires in san jose. cate has more. >> so far the suspect has been charged with two counts of arson but police think he's responsible for 12 different fires and plan on charging him for all of them. police are assuring the public the san jose arsonist is now behind bars. >> at this point we are extremely certain that we have the individual responsible for all the arsons that have occurred in the city. >> reporter: he was identified as 48-year-old patrick william brennan of san jose. he was arrested just after 8:00 last night. officers had been watching brennan for 24 hours leading up to the arrest. they say it was a police sergeant looking through a database who made the connection. >> a hard-working midnight
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sergeant who wanted to help out, basically identified people in the area that had a propensity for this. >> reporter: brennan lived in the neighborhood where police say he set the fires. police say he had arson priors locally and out of state. in his home detectives found evidence linking him to the fires. and they believe he was responsible for last week's massive warehouse fire which took the work of more than 100 bay area firefighters to put it out. >> members of our special operations unit, members of our bureau of investigations unit, worked tirelessly day and night to apprehend the suspect. >> reporter: officers say the surveillance video was crucial to identifying the suspect and they believe community efforts including going door-to-door and overnight neighborhood watches were integral in catching him. police say brennan was taken in without incident and that he had been cooperative but so far they don't have a motive at this time. back to you. >> a question, any idea how
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much total damage all the fires cost? >> reporter: police say they don't have an exact number at this point but assured us, if you combine all the fires they are estimating it around the millions in terms of how much it costs. >> cate live in san jose. thank you. a strange visit oversight. a teen accidentally set on fire in a parked car near the bart station. the young man was lifted to a hospital after the incident. bart police say he had been working on a car earlier and had gas on his clothes. when a passenger lit a cigarette he caught fire. we were told he's being treated for non life-threatening burns. a teen accused of deliberately setting another teen on fire will appear before a judge in an hour. right now 16-year-old richard thomas is being charged as an adult but his lawyers want the case moved to juvenile court. thomas is facing hate crime charges. he told police he targeted sasha fleischmann, a
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transgender teen because fleischmann was wearing a dress. police say it was an inside job. a scheme a woman and her husband concocted to rob people who dropped off their pets. for boarding at a petsmart in the bay area. ashley kirk and juan ortega had pleaded not guilty to burglary. kirk used to work at the san carlos petsmart store that offers boarding for pet owners who go on vacation. they say she would use that information to determine when to break into customers' homes. >> never would somebody consider that being a responsible pet owner, boarding your dog would lead to something like this. >> a total of eight homes were burglarized. in several cities. the couple are due back in court later this month. petsmart released a statement saying we fully cooperated with the authorities throughout their investigation and we reached out to every pet parent impacted to see how we could help them during this time. the lunar new year beginning february 1st will
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bring a lot of celebration to the bay area. kpix is live in san francisco with how the city is making a preventive push to ward off crime during this year's event. anne? >> reporter: in large part it's because of this, the little red envelope. a tradition during this time. they are all over the place. to robbers it means cold hard cash. police are trying to inform everybody that having this does make you a target. that means extortion, robbery, burglaries, all tend to increase in communities like this one during this time. so today a coalition of politicians and police in the sun set visited businesses to warn them it's primetime for criminals to strike preying not only upon the fact that people are distracted in large crowds but targeting people who believe in certain traditions like the red envelope. >> criminals, especially the asian criminals know that the asian community goes to the banks, to pull out money, brings it home, puts it in the red envelopes to pass out for
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good luck. >> reporter: exportion used to be big in san francisco around the lunar new year too. criminals bringing threatening plants into businesses demanding money and often the crimes went unreported because many chinese immigrants simply do not trust police. police say the crimes have been decreasing since they started to reach out to the community. the chinese new year celebrations start on january 31st. if you have not heard it's going to be the year of the horse. live in san francisco, ann makovic, kpix 5. the niners and seahawks game fast approaching and the winning city will take home a little more than a little civic pride too. they agreed to a winning wager. the losing mayor helps the other raise money for a meal program. the winner receives sweet treats from the loser's city. stay with us with all your
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coverage. our live coverage in seattle will include a big special 49ers preview tomorrow night live at 7:00. coming up, a disturbing scandal unfolding involving nearly three dozen officers responsible for u.s. nuclear weapons. the reason they are being removed from duty now. >> aaron hernandez implicated in another deadly shooting. why he may have pulled the trigger in two more murders. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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cage. thought it would be a thril go shark diving -- with a bi cage. th check it out. these australian adrenaline junkies thought it would be a big thrill to go shark hunting with the bird cage. they hooked an 8 foot tiger
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shark and sean harrington jumped in with the bird cage over his head. not a good move. then the predator made abyline for him, barely missed. beeline. he was uninjured. not too bright. more trouble for aaron hernandez. new documents reveal boston police are looking into whether he was the gunman in a double murder if 2012. search warrant confirms police are looking into whether a suv owned by him was used in the drive-by shooting in boston. investigators also believe the 24-year-old man may have been the triggerman too. former nfl star currently now awaiting trial on murder charges for a 2013 shooting. authorities in new mexico confirm charges have been filed against the 12-year-old boy accused of shooting two fellow students at a middle school in roswell. he faces juvenile charges and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.
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d boy remains in >> that's a newly released excerpt from one of the 911 calls tuesday. a 13-year-old boy remains in critical condition. the 12-year-old girl who was shot is reported as stable. so far investigators are not discussing a possible motive. it could be the biggest scandal of its kind in air force history. 34 officers responsible for the u.s. nuclear arsenal have been pulled off the job for allegedly cheating on a routine proficiency test. the scandal appears to be isolated to the maelstrom base. >> the air force has to look not only at what is happening in that silo, they've got to look at the commanders two levels up to see what would make these people think they can get away with this. >> officials say the cheating ring was uncovered during a drug probe. every launch officer in the air force is being retested this week. a live look at the big board. retailers are among the biggest losers on wall street today as investors react to
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disappointing earnings from best buy and looks like it's dragging down the market a little, a little over 73 points. this year's academy award nominees were announced bright and early this morning. >> the film selected as the best picture nominees of 2013 are -- >> "american hustle" and "gravity" leading this year's oscar race with 10 nominations each. "12 years a slave" followed close behind. it had nine. all three were joined by "captain phillips," "dallas buyers club," "her," "philomena" and "the wolf of wall street." the academy awards air march 2nd. meryl streep nominated 18 times. >> she's the best. just like the weather. some people like the rain just like me. some like the sunshine. out the door we go, plenty of
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sunshine to the coastline. off-shore winds are blowing and the temperatures starting to heat up now. 68 degrees already at livermore. into san francisco, 65 shows. camping up now after 20s in santa rosa early on. 59 degrees. as we head through the afternoon another sunny and warm day with a few more records to be set. tonight mostly clear, a little breezy, not as windy as it's been. then sunny and cooler weather looks like for the weekend. maybe even a couple of patches of coastal fog. high pressure in control as dominating ridge sending a chance of rain well to the north of the bay area. it's going to be sliding a little further east and as it does that should allow a little bit of a sea breeze. air quality, running in the moderate category but no spare the air today and probably improved air quality for tomorrow as well. we've got some very warm temperatures. in fact 75 in san jose. that will be a record for this date. 72 palo alto. 72 hayward. should be about 73 in half-moon bay. east bay numbers up in the
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60s. and low 70s again. those downslope winds in the bay as high as 75 degrees in oakland today. 70 in san francisco. the next couple of days, watching temperatures beginning to cool off. looks like at least some clouds congress coming our way along the coast saturday and sunday. above average. probably dry the next five to seven days. 5:15 sunset. sunrise tomorrow is 7:24. so, yeah, we've got a big game this weekend. looking at mostly cloudy skies. slight chance of showers. we've got the 49ers. we've got the seattle seahawks. the temperature into the 40s. so that should be some good football weather. >> not bad. >> there's been a lot of talk between the fans too. >> yes, there has. >> they are pretty excited about this game. >> should be good. helping students in other countries from right here in the bay area. how an east bay teen is now connecting with high schoolers
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worldwide. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in reports, it high school students around the world are getting a little homework help from honor students in the bay area. >> sharon reports it's a program created by an east bay teenager. this week's jefferson award winner. >> reporter: every evening after his own studies, 16-year-old neil gupta helps people across the globe without leaving his home. >> i learned i could help a lot
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of people. >> reporter: he has a web site where teens can get answers to homework questions. >> he came up with the idea in 2012. he and his family just returned home to danville. they spent the last two years in india where his father has business. while in india he tutored children in the slums. >> students from the international school would teach the kids from the slums english and math and a - >> reporter: he wanted to continue that good work he started in india. at age 13 the son of computer scientist spent two months programming team-mesh mostly by himself. his mission? break down economical and geographic boundaries to help kids in need. >> let's say they don't have the money for tutoring or parents can't help them. they can get their help from other students here. >> reporter: with very little marketing more than 1,600 students log on to team mesh for homework help. questions come from the u.s. and canada, to australia, great britain, hong kong, india,
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singapore and slovakia. >> i'm just happy i created team mesh and did this for other people. >> reporter: several honor students like 15-year-old arman san gupta of dublin volunteer along with neil. >> he's a genius. i can't think of a better idea. than helping others you don't know. >> reporter: volunteers must be ready for anything. >> do you know who won the war of 1812? >> i remember that, i learned it in history the other day. >> reporter: what are you learning about yourself and your pomention for impact through this whole experience? potential. >> i learn anyone like me can make a difference around the world. >> reporter: this week's jefferson award in the bay area going to neil gupta. >> he says he's always looking for more teenaged volunteers to answer homework questions. if you know a good student who would like to help connect with teen mesh using the link on-line ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> brooke: [ sighs ] you can't keep showing up here. >> bill: you insisted i go to katie. thought you'd want a progress report. >> brooke: [ sighs ] okay. so, what happened? did she take you back? >> bill: no. turnede down flat. so, what do you suggest, brooke? where do we go from here? >> aly: your theory about wyatt is interesting. >> liam: well, at this point, it's not even a theory. it's just a gut-churning intuition that wyatt had something to do with stealing that diamond, if he didn't take it himself. >> aly: she won't believe that without solid proof. >> liam: that's why i have to find some, because, aly, if wyatt did this, i mean, if he's capable of stealing something


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